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Centralized Marketplace

Patient Care Through Informed Decisions: Our Medical Marketplace streamlines the process of ordering equipment and services, elevating the efficiency of your care continuum decisions. DMEconnected centralizes comprehensive data on a wide array of medical equipment suppliers, offering you a one-stop solution. Our partnerships with DME companies, Home Health Agencies, and Medical Device Manufacturers guarantee access to the latest and most reliable information, ensuring you make well-informed choices for your patients' needs.


e-Prescribe Orders

Our intuitive e-Prescribe system transforms the process of ordering medical equipment, devices, and services into a seamless experience.

FREE for all medical teams; our e-Prescribe platform is accessible to everyone. Experience a user-friendly workflow with enhanced features like instant order confirmation from suppliers, notifications, real-time order tracking, direct communication with suppliers, sales representatives and medical service providers.


Real time communications

Enhance Patient Care Through Superior Communication: Our real-time chat feature revolutionizes the way you interact with suppliers, expediting order processing, improving patient experiences, and outcomes. With the ability to send files directly through the chat, say goodbye to the tedious back-and-forth of faxing. Our chat history feature ensures that every detail is captured and easily accessible, minimizing communication errors that could delay orders. This streamlined communication tool not only saves time plus enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your service delivery, leading to more satisfied patients.


Ease Of Use

Streamline Your Daily Operations: Our advanced technology is designed to automate routine tasks, provide rapid access to information, and foster connections with valuable resources, significantly reducing the time and effort required for your daily activities.

Our platforms are crafted with user-friendly interfaces and straightforward, intuitive controls, ensuring effortless adaptability for all users. Embrace the ease of our technology to simplify your life, boost efficiency, and unlock endless possibilities.


Ready to process orders in minutes?

Discover and connect with a wide range of vendors, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers, and medical service providers tailored to your specific search criteria. Minimize patients' co-pay expenses by selecting suppliers that align with their insurance network. Seamlessly create orders using our user-friendly ePrescribe system. Engage in real-time communication with suppliers and medical sales representatives. Additionally, effortlessly refer patients to therapists who can cater to their unique healthcare needs.


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