Managing a patient's needs can be hard. We make it easier.

Reduce the administrative burden of ordering medical equipment and services for your patients.

medical marketplace


Eliminate the clutter in your workstation. Our Marketplace has the information you need. One centralized place to find what insurances vendors accept, locations of suppliers closest to your patients' area, and what reps are in your area.

no faxing


Save time and improve accuracy with our e-Prescribe system. This will increase patient safety, and reduce costs as well as enable secure, real-time, bi-directional, electronic connectivity between clinicians and suppliers.

mark task complete

Real time communiction

Get updates on order status and completion. Real time communication cuts down on the back and forth correspondence that delays orders and patients receiving the proper care they need.

improved performance

Sales Reps Portal

Quick access, detailed information, and communication with Sales Reps nationwide. Partnering with the right personnel to help you facilitate orders is a game changer for you and your patients.