How Our Core Beliefs Shaped The DMEconnected Software

The healthcare industry is one that requires compassion, understanding, and strong communication. At DMEconnected, our company core values reflect these requirements and we have built our software around these values. As a medical service company, DMEconnected is committed to providing advanced software that makes quality healthcare accessible.

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Building Relationships

In the healthcare community, offering a helpful hand when needed is a valuable asset. That’s why our software aids in building relationships across providers, facilities, and sales representatives all over the country. When you need something, whether it’s a piece of medical equipment for your patient or a specific medical service, DMEconnected can easily connect you to someone in our network who has the solution for you.


Transparency And Communication

Success is achieved in the medical industry when transparency and communication skills are put to work. With DMEconnected’s ePrescribe software and real-time communication features, medical facilities have access to efficient, quality communication so they can be transparent with their patients, colleagues, and representatives. DMEconnected is dedicated to software that makes communication accessible, so your medical facility can provide the best care.


Affordable Healthcare

DMEconnected was founded with a passion for equality and affordable healthcare for all. With access to various medical equipment suppliers and service providers, medical facilities can find what they need for their patients and save patients money on their out-of-pocket co-pays. DMEconnected is free for all medical teams.


Leading With Trust

Trust in the medical field is paramount. DMEconnected operates with accountability in all of our users, providers, and sales representatives, so that as a company we can lead the medical industry with trust. When you choose DMEconnected, you can trust that you have access to reliable medical equipment and service providers.

If you are looking for streamlined success in the medical industry as a medical equipment supplier or medical sales representative, we’ve got you covered at DMEconnected.

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